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Pool Leaks Tweed Heads

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Fixed price Leak Detection Tweed

When you notice a leak in your pool, you can trust the team at Tweed Heads Leak Detection to act quickly. Operating throughout the Northern Rivers, our licensed and insured team provides same day servicing and repairs for clients in Tweed Heads, Pottsville, Murwillumbah, Byron Bay and Ballina.

We understand your pool, spa or fountain is not only a major investment, but a major aesthetic feature for your property. So, rest assured we will treat it with care and ensure all mess is cleaned up before we leave. To request a no obligation fixed price quote, contact our team on 1300 134 728.

How Do I Know If I Have a pool leak?

Swimming Pool Surrounded by Chairs and Flowers — Leak Detection in Tweed Heads, NSW

Pool leaks can be hard to notice, yet the longer they’re left unfixed, the bigger the problem becomes. The most common sign is, of course, how quickly the pool water level seems to decrease.

Whilst it’s common to top up the water, especially during the summer months, if you find yourself doing it frequently (every few days) there may be a leak that’s missed your eye.

Other signs to look out for include broken or loose tiles, as well as algae or mildew growth around your pool. At Tweed Heads Leak Detection, we provide our leak detection service for commercial clients such as body corporates and more.

How We Detect Pool Leaks

While there are some common signs of pool leaks, they’re not always obvious, with water levels sometimes taking months to fall. Fortunately, we use a range of leak detection systems and techniques to thoroughly evaluate if there is a problem with your pool.

In some instances, we may use thermal imaging cameras. These show us changes in temperature across your pool area that might indicate water is flowing out into surrounding landscaping or foundations. We also use electronic listening devices, which are ultrasensitive and can hear water rushing out of cracks and gaps.

For internal issues, we make use of endoscopic cameras. These pass through the various pipes and filtration systems around the circumference of your pool, looking for visual evidence of leaks. Pipe tracing equipment can help detect difficult-to-find leaks that other equipment can’t see.

We also offer many other techniques, such as damp metres, dye testing kits and pressure testing units. These all increase the likelihood of leak detection and ensure we fix the right target. When working with professional pool leak detection services in Tweed Heads, you want to ensure that you’re partnering with services that use multiple detection methods. This approach increases the likelihood of finding and resolving any leaks you may have.

Swimming Pool With A Leak

Where Do Pool Leaks Occur?

Checking The Pipes Of The Filtration System

Pool leaks can occur in many areas of your pool and can be challenging to detect depending on their location. If technicians don’t use the correct methods, some can persist for years, even after a professional evaluation.

Our team removes the guesswork from pool leak detection for residential and commercial pool owners. Whether you operate an indoor or outdoor pool, our approach offers clarity and shows you precisely where your leaks are.

Leaks commonly occur in filtration systems, which can be hard to find because they sit outside the main body of the pool. They can also happen in pipes, features such as fountains, and in the pool’s main shell.

If we discover a leak, we’ll provide a full report and photographic evidence, showing you precisely where it is. Where possible, we use non-invasive methods to detect the location of a leak, though we may also deploy more robust strategies in challenging circumstances.

Why Choose Tweed Heads Leak Detection?

At Tweed Heads Leak Detection, we’re proud to offer some of the most comprehensive leak detection services. Our team continually strives to improve its leak-finding abilities, ensuring you receive the best possible service every time.

Free Quotes

When you come to us, you get free estimates for what your leak detection will cost. It’s that simple.

Full reports

We show you evidence of where your leak is and what we’ve done to fix it. It’s all part of our policy of full disclosure.

Professional engineers and technicians

Fully-qualified team members arrive with all the knowledge, skills and tools they need to fix the problems you face.

Transparent pricing

We never charge hidden fees or add extra services without your permission.

Multiple methods

Our team deploys several leak detection methods designed to identify your leaks quickly. We can tell you categorically if you have an issue or not.

Non-invasive techniques

We minimise damage and disruption to your property with non-invasive methods. We always use these first before moving on to more robust approaches.

Industry-leading expertise

We have all the knowledge and experience required to fix even the most subtle pool leaks. If you have had difficulties finding leaks before, come to us.

Full repairs

Our team can repair pool leaks on the spot when detected using a range of fixes, including liner repair patches, structural repairs and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common causes for pool leaks include mechanical issues, structural damage, plumbing issues, broken pipes, and loose/broken fittings.
This depends on the size of the leak and where the leak is located. We recommend not draining your pool prior to getting professional opinion, whether that be through your leak repairer or a local pool specialist.
Located in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? Contact our sister company, Gold Coast Leak Detection!

If you suspect a leak, call 1300 134 728!

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