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Leak Detection Pottsville

Technicians In Your Area β€” Tweed Heads Leak Detection in Tweed Heads, NSW
100% Satisfaction Guarantee β€” Tweed Heads Leak Detection in Tweed Heads, NSW
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Northern Rivers

If your property floods easily during rainy days, there may be a leak within your storm water pipe. Our team can come to your property in Pottsville, accurately locate the leak and ensure the problem is resolved permanently.

Noticed an increase in your water bills? Have you got low water pressure throughout your property? There may be a leak in your water mains. Our Pottsville team can provide a thorough inspection to determine if there is a leak.

Ensure your property and your occupants are protected in the event of an emergency! Our specialised team can identify signs of a fire line leak and ensure proper repairs are conducted as soon as possible. Book a service in Pottsville today.

No Call-Out Fee!

When it comes to a water leak, we treat every call as an emergency! Operating throughout Pottsville, Tweed Heads Leak Detection has a team of licensed and insured plumbers who can tackle underground leaks of all difficulties. These include detecting and repairing leaks in:

We can also unblock any drains.

Unfortunately, our plumbers do not offer repairs for general household leaks from:
Rooftops β€” Tweed Heads Leak Detection in Tweed Heads, NSW




Taps, toilets & showerheads

Taps, toilets & showerheads



If you notice mould, concrete cracks, low water pressure or a damp smell around your Pottsville property, make sure to give us a call on 1300 134 728 right away! We offer same day repairs, no call-out fee and a no obligation fixed price quote – what more do you need?

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Fast & Effective Repairs

At Tweed Heads Leak Detection, we are your local specialists for all underground leaks for commercial and body corporate properties. No matter how big or small the problem is, we make sure to provide comprehensive repairs that will resolve the issue once and for all.

Our fully qualified and insured team has the tools, equipment and experience for every job. From thermal imaging equipment to high pressure hydro jets and high-quality CCTV drain cameras, you can trust our team to treat your property with care.

The Tweed Shire Council also offers a rebate scheme for repairs conducted on any undetectable water leaks. Our team can inform you of your eligibility for the rebate and assist you in your application to the council. To find out more on the scheme, click here to go to the Tweed Shire website.

You can also read through the application form here.

Frequently Asked Questions
The most obvious sign of a pool leak is if you notice a significant shortage of water within a short timeframe. Other signs also include cracked or loose tiles around your pool, as well as algae or mildew growth.
Some common signs of an underground leak include concrete cracks, moisture on the ground, as well as abnormal growth of grass in certain patches. To locate an exact location of the leak, thermal imaging equipment is preferred by plumbers.
In the Tweed Shire Council, any repairs made on undetectable water leaks are eligible for the rebate. This means the leak must not have had any visible signs such as wet areas, broken taps or split hoses, and also no audible signs. The leak must also be identified and repaired by a licensed professional.
Located in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? Contact our sister company, Gold Coast Leak Detection!

If you suspect a leak, call 1300 134 728!

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