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Checking Drain Pipe

5 Common Problems That CCTV Drain Inspection Can Detect Early

For many homeowners, the thought of hidden drainage issues like leaks or blockages escalating into emergencies is a significant concern. But what if you could discover these problems before they turn into major disasters? Regular checks and maintenance can help, but nothing beats the precision of a CCTV drain inspection. This technology allows for an early diagnosis of potential problems, saving you time and money. In this blog, we’ll delve into five common issues that these inspections can identify.

1. Root Intrusion in Drain Pines

One of the most common and disruptive issues faced by homeowners is root intrusion. Trees and plants, in their search for moisture, often find their way into drain pipes, causing blockages or even damage. A CCTV pipe inspection can spot these intrusions early on. The camera provides a clear view of the extent to which roots have invaded the pipes. This early detection is crucial as it allows for the implementation of solutions such as root cutting or the use of root inhibitors, which can prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of your plumbing system. In cases where root intrusion is severe, the inspection can help in planning significant repairs or replacements. Without such technology, determining the exact problem and its location would be much more complex and invasive.

2. Cracked or Collapsed Pipes

Drain pipes can suffer from wear and tear over the years, leading to cracks or complete collapses. Such issues are often hidden and could cause major problems if left undetected. Through a CCTV drain inspection, it’s possible to identify these vulnerabilities early. The high-resolution camera travels inside the drain, providing real-time feedback and detailed images of the pipe’s condition. This method pinpoints where the damage is and assesses the severity of the cracks or collapses. With this information, appropriate repairs can be made before the problem worsens, ensuring the drainage system remains operational and efficient.

3. Build-up of Fat, Oil and Grease

The accumulation of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in the drains is a prevalent issue, especially in buildings that dispose of cooking waste down the sink. Over time, these substances can harden and lead to significant blockages. CCTV drain inspections are particularly effective in identifying these build-ups. The camera captures the extent of the grease accumulation, providing essential insights into the required cleaning procedures. Addressing FOG build-up early can prevent more severe blockages and potential backups. Regular inspections can help maintain clear and functional pipes, contributing to the overall hygiene and efficiency of your property’s plumbing system.

4. Unidentified Leakage and Seepage

Water leakage and seepage might not always be apparent but can cause substantial damage to a property if not addressed timely. With the help of CCTV technology, even the smallest leaks and cracks in drain pipes can be detected. This early detection is vital in preventing moisture-related damages such as mould growth, which can affect the health of the residents. The precise location and nature of the leakage identified through the inspection enable targeted repairs. These are often less disruptive and more cost-effective than traditional methods, which often require extensive excavation.

5. Incorrect Plumbing Connections

Incorrect plumbing connections, also known as cross-connections, can lead to numerous problems, including contamination of the water supply. These issues may not be evident immediately but can cause significant concerns over time. A detailed CCTV inspection can reveal such anomalies within the plumbing system, ensuring that all connections are correct and meet the required standards. Identifying and rectifying these errors early can help you maintain your water quality and ensure compliance with local plumbing codes. It can improve the safety and functionality of your plumbing infrastructure.

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