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Tree Roots In Drainage Pipe

Common Causes Of Blocked Drains In Tweed & Surrounds

If you have a blocked drain, it’s beneficial to know what type of drain it is and what could be causing the problem. While some smaller clogs can be loosened with simple home remedies, major blockages will need the professional skills and equipment of a plumber to remove. Below, we’ve prepared a handy list of the common causes of blocked drains.

If you are in need of reliable drain unblocking, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Tree Roots

If your pipe is cracked or weak, it becomes easier for roots to penetrate. Stronger tree roots can also break through your pipes. A blockage caused by tree roots is particularly common in a home with large trees surrounding or on the property. The only way to fix such a blockage is to use a jet rodding machine.

Your plumber will use a drain camera to assess the situation and repair the blockage. If they find that your drain needs repairs, your pipe will need to be excavated and relaid – though in some cases, the pipe may be able to be internally relined without any need for excavation. Removing the problem tree is the best way to prevent the blockage from returning, though this is not always possible if the tree is protected.

Fats & Food

Fats and food commonly cause pipe blockages in winter. It’s crucial you always dispose of food scraps, especially rice and pasta, in the bin. Such food items can expand in water and cause a blockage if you put them down the drain.

Additionally, fats and oils can solidify, becoming a solid mass within your drain or pipes. This is a problem particularly in winter, when cooler temperatures cause the solidification to occur more quickly. These blockages don’t just damage our sewers, they cost a great deal of money to remove and maintain. To prevent this from happening within your pipes, allow fats and oils to solidify before disposing of them in the bin, and always rinse any oil-stained plates or utensils with hot water.


While many wipes or paper towels are marketed as flushable, they can cause a blockage. If you need to use wipes or paper towels, dispose of them in the bin. These items absorb water and can cause a major blockage in your pipe or drainage system. Wipes are never flushable regardless of what the packaging says.

Save yourself the headache and cost of calling a plumber and pop them in the bin!

Small Objects Or Toys

If you have kids, you may have faced the struggle of a small object or toy being flushed down your toilet. In such instances, there’s often no cause for concern as the object may simply pass through your drains without causing damage. If you notice the bowl filling with water, or find any drainage problems, you will need to call a plumber.

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Hair is a common cause of shower blockages. When hair mixes with shampoo or conditioner, it can create a sludge in your drain. We recommend using a drain cleaner with sulfuric acid to dissolve the sludge and clear the drain. To prevent this sort of blockage, always remove any strands of hair collected in your drain and throw them in the bin.

Please keep in mind that supermarket drain cleaners are only meant to postpone a professional plumber rectifying the issue – not to solve the issue.

Soap Slurry

Soaps can mix with hair and other waste, causing a slurry in your drain. You can use bicarb soda and vinegar to clear these blockages, or request a callout from an experienced plumber to ensure a thorough clean.

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